The Little Things in Life

Having SCM home this last week has been limiting my blogging but I am finding this acceptable. Blogging I can make up – time with SCM not so much.

Many of my attachment parenting friends have forgone “date night” without kiddos as part of their parenting style – and while we go out with LM more often than not I feel it is important especially with SCM’s job that we do take time for just the two of us every once an awhile and since we aren’t going to get any time together for the next twelve to fourteen months I say it’s okay.

Thursday we decided to go out on a date just the two of us. We left LM with grandma and grandpa and headed off. I never feel as bad going out when we do it after LM has gone to bed because then she never “knows” the difference. It only took an hour for us to miss her (even though she was asleep) and come home though.

Going out to a nice dinner with SCM was just the thing I needed to give me that extra boost of strength to make it when he is gone. When we got home he played the piano for me – beautifully as always – and it filled me with so much love. Even right now as I sit and blog I am serenaded by beautiful piano music and singing. It is something I am really going to miss while he is gone.

Everyday I look at the calendar and realize that the “D” Day is coming ever so soon. I think of all the things in LM life that he isn’t going to be here for and it fills my heart with sadness. My goal is to send a care package at least once a month full of stuff he needs, pictures, letters. Everything so he can see as much of our lives and LM development as possible but I still know it will be hard.

Friday we were able to go to church together as a family. The Liturgy for the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Byzantine Rite. We haven’t been able to make it to liturgy as a family for a while now due to the Army schedule and it was so wonderful to get to yesterday. We felt whole,  like a family, rejuvenated, re-energized.

Liturgy as a family, Playtime as a family, Date night with SCM, music,  laying in bed a little longer, hugs and kisses, baby smiles, laughter, and drool are just a few things that help re-center me when I am feeling down or discouraged. When things are a little hinky, Or even just when I missing SCM while he is away. It’s the little things – in life.

What are some of the “little things” in your life that are special to you? What things help center you when you are feeling a little off kilter?


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