We All Have Those Days

These last couple days have been a little harder in the mommy-hood department (we all have those days right?). LM and I are having allergic reactions to food – problem is we have no idea to what food(s). I am trying first to eliminate dairy (but that takes being dairy free for 10 days)  to see if that is it but am having a horrible time finding stuff I can eat that doesn’t have dairy in it. Needless to say I am pretty hungry and tired.

SCM gets home for a few days soon and LM and I are going to get into an allergist but until then it’s going to be a little rough. Lots of hanging out in bed and being lazy due to low energy levels, headaches and crankiness.

I was feeling pretty down about that and then I realized that I can look at it as an opportunity to spend more one-on-one precious time with LM. Something good from something not so good.

So here’s to lazy days that we all need once and awhile – even if the cause isn’t so great.

Do you have allergies? How did you find out about them? What do you eat now?  How do you deal with those not so awesome mommy days?


2 thoughts on “We All Have Those Days

  1. I found out I was allergic to tree nuts when I was in elementary school because I broke out in hives after eating some roasted walnuts from our farm tree. Since then, I have found out I am allergic to pine nuts, pecans, and cashews the hard way and am required to carry an EpiPen.

    So happy to see you writing so I can keep up with you 🙂

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