We are used to goodbyes in this household though they have always been just temporary.

When LM was 8 weeks old, one week younger than MM currently is, a small black undernourished four legged friend curled up next to her carrier to protect her, it was then that we knew that he would join our little family.

Harley had his quirks to be sure and his adjustment from shelter to home was anything but an easy transition, nonetheless, he brought multitudes of joy to our family and formed a remarkable bond with LM.


We found at his first visit to the vet that he was a good 6 years older than the shelter had thought. We knew his age meant we might not have him for long but we never thought it would be only 2 1/2 years later that we would be saying goodbye to him.

In the last few months he had begun to go downhill in health quickly and I knew it would not be too long, last night however was the final event as he became totally unable to control himself and function, and so this afternoon I took him in and they put him to rest.

LM and I talked about it and though she doesn’t fully understand I hope it is not too hard on her. I have been bawling all day. With SCM away for work I’m saddened too that he wasn’t able to say his goodbyes. I know that he is at peace now and no longer suffering but it is still so hard.

So today our family says goodbye to our wonderful fur pet Harley, R.I.P





I have been looking into “E-Readers” for months now trying to find one that fit everything I wanted and needed. With a desire to read more books, but a lifestyle that makes it impossible I was beginning to feel as if my brain was slowly dying from lack of stimulation.

Now, I love paper books but as a mom of two who constantly has her hands full and has a toddler who LOVES to “help”, I either don’t have the free hands to read a paper book, or I am trying to keep it from being too well loved and covered in water, food, or general baby drool. Constantly worrying about books getting damaged, not having the time to run out and browse a library for hours on end like I did in my youth (ahh the memories), and not having a clue what to actually read has taken my reading time down to a shameful amount. In fact, in 2013 I read a whopping THREE books. Yup, that is right THREE. That is beyond pathetic.

So, I began the  e-reader search. I have an IPad but it doesn’t allow me to read outdoors because of the glare, it’s also heavy and cumbersome, at home I have nearly dropped it on a nursing baby on more than one occasion. My Ipad also has so many other things on it that, I am not gonna lie, I get distracted doing everything else.

The first thing I did was look at what I wanted in an E-Reader.

  1. Something JUST for books. I wanted to be able to use it for reading and only reading.
  2. A reader that allows me to read indoors or outdoors in all lighting situations.
  3. A reader that is compatible with lending, free books, and a has a wide range of purchase options for books.
  4. A reader that was simple. Easy to find and download books. Easy to handle.
  5. Lightweight and easy to use with one hand –  because commonly that is all I have free.

After a great deal of searching I had opted not to go for the Nooks because I didn’t like how pricey it was to buy books and the limited range for where to get books from that it offered. I checked the Kindle and Kindle Fire but just wasn’t a fan. They did *TOO* much. I wanted basic. And that was when I saw something for the Kindle Paperwhite. The more I looked into the Paperwhite the more intrigued I was.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a black & white E-Reader that has adjustable lighting so that you can read inside, outside, bright lights, darkness, without extra strain on your eyes. It’s small and compact. I can easily fit it in my purse, hold it with one hand and read while I am nursing, and it has a battery life of  5-8  weeks. I also love that it saves my spot when I have to leave it or shut it quickly, no flipping to try to figure out where I was before mommyhood called. The Paperwhite like all Kindle devices runs from Amazon which is where you can purchase books, or if you have Prime you can be a part of the lending library where you can borrow thousands of titles for free. Another great place to find books is Book Basset, and online shop that posts a handful of books a day that you can get absolutely FREE! With WIFI capabilities the Paperwhite allows you to download books anywhere you have a connection. You can also plug it into your computer via USB and upload books directly if you prefer.

At a retail price of only $119 this new piece of technology has become an instant best friend to me. I am already deep into a brand new book that I can easily read with one hand, in the dark, at 3 am, while nursing a fussy newborn, and it doesn’t wake him or kill my eyes. I look forward to loading up even more books of all genres and being able to expand and stimulate my mind continually while balancing and juggling all the other aspects of my chaotic mommy and wife life.20140228-172935.jpg

Paper books will always hold a special place for me, there is nothing like the smell of an old book or going to the library to browse the days away, and there will always be real books in my home but for the day to day and the busy times, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect solution to all my book reading needs and a very good investment.


What are YOU reading right now?

When one chooses a name for their child, often there is a great deal of thought placed into the choice. The name may hold a meaning or a  significance beyond just being pretty or likeable.

When I first found out I was pregnant with MM SCM, and I talked about names for both boys and girls and surprisingly we very quickly came  to an agreement on a set of names. Our girls name was a mix of something classy and my great grandmother’s original middle name as she was someone very important and special to me. Our boys name was whimsical and straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia. Beyond that though it was a tribute, a tribute to a really great man who unexpectedly passed away last year.

A year ago today I posted about the passing of my uncle which took us all by surprise. Contracting Encephalitis when he was very young left him with Epilepsy, something he fought through his whole life which more grace and compassion than many ever see. Ultimately though it was what took his life last year.

We chose MM’s name far before we ever knew he was a boy, before I had ever had a doctors appointment, before I ever knew when I was due. Well my official due date, was actually also today. How crazy is that?

So today I remember the happy and the sad. The happy times with my uncle Edward and the mourning of his passing so early in life and so quickly. The happy of the arrival of his great nephew Edmund, who I know he would have absolutely adored. Today I remember family even more than normal and cherish each and every moment with them.

May you hug your loved ones a little more, call that family member that is on your mind, and leave no regrets. Remember the person beyond the name and what they mean to you.

Rest in Peace Uncle Eddy we miss you and love you beyond words. <3

Go In Peace Good & Faithful Servant Edward

Edmund Cornelius <3

It’s a BOY!!!

We are very pleased to have welcomed our newest edition Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 5:18pm. Mini Mister as he is referred too by many weighed in at 7lbs, 12oz and was 19 1/2 inches long and was born via a very successful VBAC!

Right after MMs birth.

Right after MMs birth.

I want to give a multitude of thanks to my amazing doctor, Dr. Meltzer, who I know I wouldn’t have been able to do this without. For helping me through this entire pregnancy, which was not easy by any means, and through my birth, always encouraging me that my VBAC was possible! The amazing hospital staff at Valley Medical Center for all of their care and support, and of course my fantastic Sexy Czech Medic who came off an 8hr graveyard shift to come home and take me back to the hospital to sit with me through an all day labor and my parents who watched LM while we were in the hospital.

LM thinks that her baby brother is just the best and most novel thing in the world right now. She loves kissing him and checking on him. She always talks about him and asks if he is okay or “oh so happy.” She giggles when he makes noises and is always very quick to alert us if he is crying. It is a very precious thing to watch. Her anticipation to hold him is always so adorable. She is a wonderful big sister.

Anticipation to hold her brother.

Anticipation to hold her brother.

1557134_10202451194734476_2124848790_oI am so happy that MM is finally here and now we are a beautiful family of four. I am looking forward to seeing our family grow and develop and learn, to see the bond continue to form with LM and MM and between all of us as a family. We are very blessed.

Mini Mister 12 hours old.

Mini Mister
12 hours old.

In many ways I can’t believe the final stretch of my pregnancy is here and in others I feel as though I have been pregnant forever, either way, here we are. It’s official I have no more than 9 (8 on the East Coast by now) days left of this third and final pregnancy.

The single digits have finally arrived, and I find myself more nervous that with my other two pregnancies. I am more than ready to meet the baby, to see what the baby looks like, and how LM does. I am ready for our family to be complete and for the new adventures that life will hold for us after this journey ends. At the same time despite my readiness I am an over planner and I worry about the logistics of everything, and having everything in order, despite knowing babies have a way of mixing all that up I still try.

We are hoping that babe comes on his/her own very soon but if not my final appointment in Wednesday, and we will make arrangements for me to be induced on Saturday the 8th. An induction is never something I had planned in the beginning, but it gives me still a very good shot at the VBAC we are planning and not a repeat C-Section. My body is dilating and responding already the way it should be and babe is very feisty to get out as contractions have been steady and hard just not quite labor hard, yet. An amazing Cranial Sacril Therapy appointment helped position baby even better this morning, and I can tell a progression for sure. I am starting to really feel labor ready in my body not just as a desire.

24hr photo difference. 37w4d & 37w5d. The difference in positioning, baby, and my body alignment after my cranial sacril appointment. AMAZING!

Here is to hoping that babe continues her/his rocking and rolling and labor decides to start up on it’s own in a more active fashion in the next couple of days, that birth goes smoothly and without trauma, that babe is happy and healthy, and that the weather holds out. Who knows, maybe we will have a Super Bowl baby.


How did your birth plan change as you neared your due date? What, if any, unexpected turns did it take and how did you cope with it?

The dawn of a New Year is that time of year notorious for resolution making, goal setting, and the general desire to increase ones health, wellness, and prosperity for the coming year. For many these resolutions last days or weeks, sometimes even months, but rarely span out to the entire year. Goals often involve getting fit/healthy, earning more money, being a better person, but what does any of that actually mean? Vagueness in a goal is, in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons they fail, or motivation for them is lost. You know, that and day to day life stuff getting in the way, there is that too. :D

As I have said before, the best goals are specific goals.

1. What do you want to accomplish?

2.Why do you want to accomplish it?

3.How long will it reasonably take?

4. How long would you like to accomplish it in?

5. What is the end result – ie: the goal?

Breaking down what you truly want to do may seem ‘over the top’ but the reality is when you know exactly what you want to do and the steps to achieve it, you are much more likely TO achieve it, instead of just wish you had.

This year for me and our family is full of new changes. We are preparing every day for the newest member of our family to meet us on the outside, and now with only 6 weeks left we realize we have less time to finish preparing than we had thought. We will then have a decent adjustment period as we merge into a family of 4 and LM merges into the capacity of older sister and not only child. SCM will have a mission later in the Spring that will take him away from home again, this time for a much shorter duration, and there will be adjustments there for us all. Added to the adjustments we have this New Year as a family we have individual ones as well. SCM has school, work, Army, health/fitness, and family to focus on. LM has toddlerhood and all the woes that go along with that as well as the adjustment of big sister. I have motherhood, wife-hood, my business, and my own personal goals in health and fitness, body and mind. And of course we have Belly Baby and his/her adjustments to the outside world as well. Wow, does that sound like a lot? Well when it is jumbled into a paragraph with no real structure or plan of attack, it IS a lot. It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it looks though, or so I tell myself.

I’ve decided first and foremost to focus on what I can control, and what I can control alone, which is ME, (and I suppose belly baby until he/she comes out). My focus on myself and my goals will help me to be a better wife and parent as well as a better support to them in their goals.


What do *I* want to accomplish this year?

This year I want to accomplish many things both mentally, physically, and spiritually. I chose to write what I “want” as WILLS, a statement of affirmation that it IS something I WILL accomplish this year.

  1. I will take more time to read books for myself. To expand my mind through readings of all genres. My goal this year is to read 52 books, though I will be happy if I make half that number being that my total read last year was a sad and measly 3. (So far this year I have already completed 1 and am 2/3 into a 2nd. I say this is already progress.)
  2. I will evaluate my spiritual compass and find a deeper and more identifiable connection to what I believe and how I live it in my daily life. While identifying this I will show, and teach it to the children in day to day actions and focus to become a more spiritually grounded family again.
  3. I will take the time in every moment of every day to be the best wife that I can be for my husband. I will take the time to evaluate HIS needs and HIS processes in handling situations and not just my own. I will communicate more with him and respond with more thoughtfulness. I will be a better wife in order to strengthen my marriage and the bond that I have with SCM.
  4. I will take pride in my body and allow it to become a portal of strength and not a house for distain. So as to say, I will focus on not just being “small” as I have always been, or losing the pregnancy weight, but truly becoming healthy and fit and strong. Developing a routine for working out and eating right that leaves me proud of  myself every day and is right for MY body. It is something I can and will share with the rest of my family so we can have a healthy lifestyle together.
  5. I will work my business with pride and devotion even in times when it is slow to pick up. I will work with consistency, even if that consistency is small. I will work it for myself and my family at our pace and in the manner that works well for us. No one else. I will remember that I do this job to obtain goals that *I* set and I won’t be pushed, pulled, or cornered, into sacrificing more important aspects of my life for the sake of THINGS.

Why do *I* want to accomplish it?

Each and every one of the above things I have the desire to accomplish because they will make me a better person both on the inside and the outside. It is my utmost hope that accomplishing these tasks this year help grow in aspects of faith and devotion, patience and productivity, love and responsibility. I hope to come away with a better sense of self but also of  others. To truly obtain a better outlook and be in a better place.

How long will it reasonably take?

A Lifetime.

I am not kidding. Obtaining goals of higher self, deeper self, better self, those don’t happen in a week or a year those are things you work on and struggle with your entire life. Those are things you fight for, your entire life. A year can make them a habit but it certainly does not ensure that they are permanent. My hope is that by making them a habit this year I can and will maintain them for a lifetime, each year adding habits that I believe are beneficial to myself and my family.

To set a ‘timeline’ however on the two things that are easiest to set a timeline on, #1 & #4. I plan to take the entire year to read 52 books and I plan to start my workout structure no later than April, at which time I should be fully cleared and healed from having baby and able to focus on a system of goals I want to accomplish from April -December of this year. Those specific goals however are a mystery until after I birth.

How long would *I* like to accomplish it in?

Let’s be true here, I’d love to snap my fingers and have the answers, be fit, have magically absorbed all the books in the library, and be amazing! I mean who wouldn’t, right? However, that is not how life works. I would LIKE to have a steady grasp on all of these goals and be deep into them by June of this year, by November I would like to have them fully set into routines so that come 2015 I can add new goals to the pile whilst still maintaining these ever so important ones.

What is the end result – ie: the goal?

The end result for me in accomplishing these things this year is:

  1. To have expanded my knowledge base and learned some amazing new things through text.
  2. To be stronger and more knowledgeable in my faith, in what it is and what it means to me and my family. To be able to show and share that with the people around me through who I am every single day.
  3. To have a stronger and better marriage as well as a stronger and better relationship with SCM. For us to be more of a cohesive unit.
  4. To have a body that is a physically strong as my mind. Healthy and thriving. To feel good about how I look in my own skin, to know that I am the healthiest and strongest me I can be and that I am caring for myself.
  5. To have a business I can be proud of and customers that appreciate what I have to offer. To be able to say I have contributed to the family finances in a positive manner.

Knowing what *I* want out of this year will help not only me to attain them but also for me to help my family attain whatever their goals are as well. Working together, as a unit, as a family, we can all make our goals for 2014 stick.

These are my goals for 2014, what are some of yours?

Four years ago today I woke up early in the morning realizing that 5 days late one very special little girl was about to finally make her entrance into this world. To the hospital at 5am and she was out and crying by the afternoon. An easy and quick birth for an emotional event. Four years ago today I gave birth to my amazing first daughter, my birth daughter. I can’t believe how much she has grown and what the little lady she is today. She may not reside in my home, but she will always be my first little girl and I am blessed to be her first mommy.

The emotional ups and downs of her pregnancy and birth are many and the struggles and decisions that led me to what I did are also numerous but I don’t ever hold a single regret for choosing to give her the life I wanted her to have and the chances and dreams and opportunities I knew I just couldn’t provide for her at that time in my life. I am beyond blessed and thankful for the open adoption and amazing relationship that we as a family hold with her family. I am grateful every day that we are all able to be a part of one another’s life. It is truly a blessing.

Happy 4th Birthday to my Angel Baby and I hope it is a fantastic day for you my darling. <3


Christmas day

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and Happy Holidays as well. Today was our home family Christmas celebration and it was a great deal of fun and luckily more relaxing because we were all pretty exhausted.

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

LM was more excited upon waking up that Doctor Who was on than the fact that there were presents under the Christmas tree but she got the hang of it soon.

christmas day2

Kipper was lounging in LM’s new play kitchen sink having a good time. When LM pulled the paper off and saw the kitchen she was way more excited that Kipper was there than anything else. She spent the whole afternoon watching Doctor Who and playing with her kitchen and it’s pieces. It was so nice to just relax at home and have our family time. We are truly blessed.

christmas day3 christmas day4

We haven’t decided quite when we will take the Christmas tree and decorations down (sometime before New Years I am sure but perhaps we will wait until Epiphany) but we did decide that until such time as we do Kipper will remain in a “chill” status. He hangs out in LM’s basket above her kitchen and she plays with him a little bit. When holiday celebrations settle down we will pick a date to take our stuff down and then Kipper will say his goodbyes. I think that will allow LM to get used to him not being as much of a factor in her daily life and we can phase him out until next year.

What a wonderful Christmas season this is and for us as Byzantine Catholics it isn’t over just yet. We start now the 12 days of Christmas as we read readings of holy follows and the journeys that lead to Epiphany, January 6th the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. For us, the Christmas season ends then.

Blessings to you all.


Kipper was well rested from his time off and hit Christmas Eve with full force. He started off in the morning hanging out in the LM’s stocking which was full of all sorts of fun goodies for the day. A water paint coloring book, Christmas PJs for when we opened gifts at Oma & Papa’s later in the evening, a candy-cane, some cupie oranges, a new electric toothbrush, and a cute little basket for her stuff. Boy was she excited.

elf24.1 elf24.2

She spent Christmas Eve day painting in her new painting coloring book as her activity and then we got ready for Christmas Eve Liturgy. After church we went to Oma & Papa’s (my parents) and opened presents and visited with everyone. It was a great deal of fun though extremely exhausting.


From our Family to yours we hope you had a fantastic and wonderful Christmas!

LM Christmas Eve 2013 2 years old.

LM Christmas Eve
2013 2 years old.




Our Family 2013



I have been under the weather and SCM has been gone at work so poor Kipper has been neglected and his Elf duties and activities rather suspended these last couple of days. While he hasn’t moved far from the piano in the morning LM still has plenty of fun with him throughout the day. She has learned that even if he isn’t in a new or different place she can do something fun and exciting with him. Ring around the rosie, toy car rides, being carried in the doll carrier, and eating with LM seem to be the favorite activities of Kipper these last couple of days.

Today Kipper has some time with SCM getting his “Owie fixed”. LM managed to, after trying all month, yank Kipper’s hat right off his head. Though she had been trying to accomplish the task of removing his hat she was very upset when it actually came off. Dada was quick to glue it back on and have Kipper back to normal in no time. LM was very concerned about him all afternoon and when we returned home from errands she gave him a pat and told him;

It okay Kipper all better. Hat on. All better Kipper. Good boy. Hat stay on.

She decided that once Kipper had his elf hat back on she should wear hers as well! I love how she has made “friends” with Kipper, and I am glad that he is all fixed up and ready for his hardest work of all these next couple of days. At least he has had a good rest in with two days off that he should be right on his toes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My Little Elf

My Little Elf


Kipper was hiding this morning snuggled inside mommy’s snow boots with LM’s funny hat on and boy did LM find that hilarious. Her response in finding Kipper this morning, which was immediate, was;

“Oh Kipper. Oh no Kipper get hat off, my hat. Goes outside? We go outside in the snows?”

LM knew immediately what Kipper’s presence in my boots meant this morning for her activity, and she was chomping at the bit to get to it all afternoon. The activity of course was playtime in the snow! We had a decent little snow fall come yesterday, and it was just warm enough to be out for a few minutes this afternoon.


The snow is quite powdery right now so it doesn’t pack into snowballs but does stick to gloves very easily. I tossed some snow at her, and she quickly caught on that that was a fun thing to do. Since the snow would not pack though she scooped a bunch into her gloves and came running at me and smashed it into my jacket. It was so funny to see her come running at me all excited to hit me with the snow. I am excited to see what she thinks once it is able to be packed into balls, and we can make a snowman or something of the like.

elf21.2We stayed outside for a whopping 10 minutes before we both were way to cold, but even in that timeframe we had so much fun. LM did lay down and attempt a snow angel as well which was beyond adorable. She has the arms down but not the feet. She will move her arms once or twice and then sit up and make the rest of the impression with her hands.


I cannot believe how fast she is growing, and I love how much fun she has outdoors.

While our time with Kipper isn’t much longer it has been fantastic to see all the fun things we have been able to do with him and how LM reacts to him. I love that he has activities and while we may change the set up as the years go on I know that this will always be a valued and fun tradition in our home from this year forward. We have had some pretty amazing adventures this December many of which I wouldn’t have thought of without Kipper to use as inspiration. Not only has this been a fun activity for LM but personally for me it has allowed me to broaden my horizons in thinking of activities and adventures for us to do. It has helped me break away from boring and day to day stuff and give her something fun and stimulating to do every day, something that I am sad to say doesn’t always happen. These activities have also allowed us to slow down a bit as a family and do more things together which has been very nice for our family relationship. It took partaking in these activities to really realize that we needed a bit more of that, and now I think it has allowed us to bring that into our routine even once Kipper is gone for the year. I am grateful that I was able to objectively view the “Elf on the Shelf” and adapt it to fit into my family and our beliefs and upbringing style. I am grateful for all the fun times it is giving us and moments that will truly never be forgotten. Looking forward to the final days of Kipper’s adventures and see what he gets up to before Christmas arrives.

Kipper’s Day 19

Kipper decided today was a good day for some bowling but he mixed up and had a Christmas ornament instead of the bowling ball!


LM thought it was hilarious that he had the ornament instead of the ball, but she quickly used Kipper and the ornament as a ball to knock down all her pins with enthusiasm.  Her activity for today was going to be to put her thumbprints or finger prints on the ornament and put it on the tree but she however decided she didn’t want to do that. Instead she wanted to play with it with Kipper and then put it on her special Christmas tree. She enjoys taking it on and off and because it is plastic I don’t have to worry about her when she gets to rough with it.


Kipper’s Day 20

Today was a messy day for Kipper as he was found making pancake mix angels on the dining room table.

elf20LM was very giggly at the fact that Kipper was all messy, but she was even more excited to lick, or attempt to lick, the pancake mix up off the table.  She quickly put Kipper by the sink to “clean him up” after she found him because she didn’t like that he was all white and messy. She attempted to lick the pancake mix off of Kipper which also resulted in quite the fun little mess. Kipper most definitely needs a bath now (ie mommy has to figure out how to clean him).


LM’s activity for today was making pancakes with mommy and daddy. “Making pancakes” involved drawing the pancake mix on the table, licking it off the table, stirring the batter, and then licking it off the spoon.
elf20.2While licking the spoon was by far her favorite she did make a very pretty picture in the pancake mix for daddy and I too. She was extremely proud of it, and it made me smile. The house may have been a mess when we were done, and Kipper may be more white than red for a bit but the excitement she got out of helping cook breakfast was more than worth it.

Well 32 weeks is here, and all the frustrating parts of my 3rd trimester are here as well, the biggest one being insomnia. It’s after midnight, 3 days until Christmas Eve, a million and one things to do that I can’t seem to remember so I sit frustrated and awake while the rest of the house sleeps soundly.

Tomorrow, or I suppose rather, later today, will be a challenge to stay awake and productive and find entertainment for LM as I am sure Dada will get called into work. With the snow fall that hit yesterday and no snow tires on my van nor desire to attempt to navigate the slick streets with my toddler we will be having a day at home. Home days can get a bit hard for LM and I as we both get a little stir crazy being cooped up. I am hoping in my insomniac state I can think of a good activity for us for tomorrow. Nothing has come to mind as of yet though.

I think the “stall” has finally happened in my brain in terms of my progression this pregnancy. I feel like this is just never going to end, and even though I know it will my emotional gauge has been all but level lately. I find myself all over the emotional map during the days and nights, something that I didn’t experience my other pregnancies. I am feeling drained and have been in more pain lately than I swear I was in giving birth to my first. My hips, back, and pelvis have felt a special kind of pain this last week that I am sure like many other fun symptoms will continue until this baby is born. I definitely feel like this pregnancy has made me a bit crazy.

I know it is still early to say it, but I really am just so ready to be done. I am trying to remind myself just a wee bit longer, just a little bit more, so here is to one day, one moment at a time as we move into this weekend.

I have not been feeling so great these last few days so I have been horribly slacking in both Kipper and his activities as well as posting about them. Ah the joys of the third trimester.

Kipper’s Day 16

elf16Monday I was feeling pretty sick and was laid up in bed so Daddy handled Kipper for the day. Kipper didn’t have an activity because he was too busy floating away with LM’s birthday balloons. LM did find it quite hilarious that Kipper was holding her balloons, and she spent the afternoon carrying them both around. I think LM’s biggest activity on Monday was getting in some good Daddy time which has been hard to come by lately between work and finals.

Kipper’s Day 17

elf17So Tuesday I really just didn’t have the energy so Kipper was found curled up in a blanket “taking a break”. He was a tired Elf and needed a day off. LM was very happy to see him resting and gave him her MagnaDoodle so that he could draw and rest. We all spent the day resting as my leg and pelvic pain has been beyond painful and moving around is excruciating lately and LM was more than willing to do nothing all day.

I am grateful that she is so understanding when I forget about Kipper or things get hectic. I think it is hilarious that she gets more excited about him doing silly nothings than some of her activities and I love that it just all fun for her. It warms my heart to see her get so much joy out of one silly little Elf.

Kipper’s Day 18

Today Kipper was found in quite the position. He was all tied up in the baby monitor cords, something LM found to be beyond hilarious.


 Even after she unwrapped him she spent the afternoon wrapping him back up and laughing the shouting “oh noes Kipper stuck”. It made me giggle.
elf18.2So, why was Kipper wrapped up in the baby monitor?

Well, LM trusty monitor broke the beginning of the week, and we have been trying very hard to find a new one that worked as well as our last. Kipper was wrapped up in monitor purchase #2 which sucked even more than monitor purchase #1 of the week. LM’s activity today was to help Mommy find a new simple audio only baby monitor that didn’t have feedback and didn’t pick up the neighbors house. Finally a Graco monitor was found that looks like it will do the trick. We are trying it for the first time tonight but so far – no static feedback so that is already better than the other two! YAY!

Though the activities that LM and Kipper do aren’t always Christmas related and sometimes don’t even happen at all she always has fun with him and enjoys seeing him and finding him everyday and to me, that makes it all worth it.

It’s been a long couple of days between LM’s birthday party Friday and a wedding last night I am exhausted, so I fell asleep before posting last night.

Day 14


Today Kipper was found stuffed into a drawer in the kitchen searching around for the plastic trash bags. LM thought it was particularly funny that he was in the drawer.

Donation Bag

Donation Bag

Today’s activity is to take the bag and go through all of her toys and clothes and to decide what things she doesn’t want or fit into anymore and those items will be bagged up and donated to those who do need them. She found it very exciting to put everything in a bag even if she wasn’t completely able to understand the more complex meaning behind it all.

Day 15


Today was a lazy day in our household. Kipper was no exception as he was found snuggled up with LM’s most prized blankie this morning on the couch. Today our activities were for Mommy &  LM (and Kipper of course) to snuggle and watch football while LM filled out her Thank You cards from her birthday. Dada had Army work today so he wasn’t able to be home with us.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during lazy day.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during the lazy day.


Beautiful thank you note drawings.


What has your Elf been up to this weekend?

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